BESTEK USB Travel Power Strip

  • $40.99

BESTEK's travel power strip is a great solution for charging abroad. With 8 adapters (Type I/E(F)/G/A/D/N/H/L), it allows you to power multiple devices in over 200 countries (except Type M- South Africa 8.7mm plug) with varying voltage requirements and types of power outlets. Has five smart USB ports that can max up to 40W/8A or 1250W output for devices and two outlet charging stations, perfect for international travel. With a surge protection of 1700 Joules and ability to charge 7 devices simultaneously, BESTEK's USB travel charging station protects your devices against surges and spikes so you never have to worry about damages to your valuable devices.

Safety Guarantee: Built-in over-current, over-heating, over-voltage, short-circuit protection, Fireproof ABS Material and PVC copper cable 

Note: The adapter does not convert the Voltage,Please check the voltage standard for the travel destination and use a Voltage converter if needed.

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