Affiliate Program

We are very excited to deliver an affiliate program that will work with brands and collaborators in ways never imagined.


  • Connect with leading brands and social media influencers in your industry
  • Tap into a diverse e-commerce affiliate network
  • Boost traffic and sales with a commission-only sales team!

Meet Great Affiliates

We'll feature your product(s) and your affiliate program in our directory. Add this app to get signed up and receive complimentary listing in our affiliate directory.

Get Featured in Our Newsletters...

Our affiliate network emails are delivered to the inboxes of thousands of affiliates every week. In them, we feature cool products/products and encourage new affiliates to join with a single click.

... and on Our Facebook Page

We promote these features to our Facebook and/or Instagram following as well as others interested in your industry (we pay to boost the posts).

Product Categories We're Looking For

We have tens of thousands of people referring to our e-commerce platform for inspiration. This actively allows promoting of products and stores in the following niches. If your product falls into one or more of the following categories, we will expedite your affiliate process:

  • Beauty
  • Apparel
  • Education / E-Books
  • Fitness
  • Hair
  • Health
  • Jewelry
  • Photography
  • Musical Products
  • Food Products
  • Travel

Here's how to get started:

1. Email us at or submit the form below to inquire about the Affiliate Program. Please include information to register by telling us a bit about your product(s) and the affiliate commissions you're willing to offer. A minimum of 10% commission fee is all we're willing to approve at this time.

2. Add this page to your bookmarks for future reference.

3. We'll then get you in front of the top bloggers and social media influencers in your industry. Selected partners will be able to join the affiliate program with a single-click - and start making sales immediately!